How Stables of Hope Started

Growing up, my children enjoyed horses along with my husband and myself. We were in 4-H and a riding club. When I was thirty-nine I found out that I had breast cancer. Over a six year period I had four operations, including radiation and finally removal. I am cancer free now but during this time horses played a big part in my recovery. If I needed to cry or talk I could go see my horses, after all, my family was worried enough they didn't need to see my breakdowns. Later I read about Therapeutic Riding Centers, I thought it was a wonderful idea but I didn't have any money or any idea how to do it, so I shelved the thought. Since then my children have grown and I had grandchildren.

In 2003 I decided to pursue my dream. My dream was to make a difference and to preserve my family farm.

I learned about nonprofits from several sources. I started working on Stables of Hope, Inc. and received the 503(c) from the Federal Government in 2004.

On March 24, 2004 our lives took another turn when my grandsons were riding bikes from the town park back home and the youngest fell off his bike. When he fell he hit his left temple and fractured his skull. He was unconscious for almost four days. They removed part of his skull cap to allow the brain to swell. The air care personnel and the doctors at Children's hospital did not give us much hope.

Life stopped at that moment. Friends and the community put Kyle on prayer lists all over the country. We truly believe this is what saved him, because God listened and brought him back. During his recovery, horses played a large part toward his healing. He wasn't allowed to do anything physical like other boys. Watching TV and board games was it. So Kyle would visit the horses, groom them and sometimes just sit with my old mare. Kyle is now 15 years old. He has overcome many of the obstacles in his recovery. We hope that Kyle will continue to grow strong and beat the odds.

At Stables of Hope, we continue on.  Each year we have been steadily growing, our board of directors and volunteers have donated their time since the beginning.  They all are a huge part of our success at Stables of Hope.

Stables of Hope has a donation based fee for the physically and emotionally handicapped. We have other programs available for all riders or lovers of horses. Just connect to the Programs tab for more information. Or go to the contact page to find out more information about how to get ahold of us.