"Stables of Hope has been a wonderful place for my son Evan to come. He loves the horses and the pony Chocolate Chip has found a special place in his heart. Coming out and working with the animals has given Evan confidence and compassion. Shirley and Ron offer such a loving touch with children. This is truly their passion. It is certainly worth our hour drive out to see Evan's smiling face." --Paula Berryman

Last winter, my 9 year old daughter, with multiple disabilities had a major set back in skills due to increased seizure activity. One of the skills she had to regain for the 7th time was her ability to walk. Because of the increased seizures her muscles became weak and stiff, especially in her hips, legs and ankles. Along with these issues came increased sensory issues.
I found out about Stables of Hope through a friend, who had been taking riding lessons there. As a horse owner in the past, my daughter has been riding horses' since the day she was born and loves them. I had to sell my horses when she got sick at the age of six months. I then was taking her to my neighbors to ride here and there, but as she got bigger it became hard for me to work with her and the horses without help, training, and the proper equipment. So I decided to check it out. I watched as they worked with a child younger than my daughter and was very impressed by how well the saddle supported the child and how the therapy seemed to help him.

I decided to give it a try with my daughter. Her response was amazing. She was actually sitting up straight in the saddle and much calmer the first day she rode and with the help of her Physical therapy. Splints for her legs and the horse therapy she was walking again with minimal support for the first time in 8 months. The employees at the stable would work on her leg muscles as she was riding and my daughter was enjoying herself and I was very comfortable with her safety.

We can’t wait for it [to] warm up [so] we can start riding again this spring. We have missed the people and the horses. She seems to like Tex a lot, but I think the pony, Yogi is her favorite. They seem to have an unspoken bond. She also loves the people there and loves to play with one of the owners. Not to mention they have become very special to me as well.

I have always known how special and affectionate horses are, being around them most of my life, but I didn’t really grasp the full meaning of this until I had a child with special needs. Being with the horses can improve self confidence, motor skills, sensory issues, and more.

Thank you Stables of Hope,
J. Brinkmann

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