Experiential activities with our horses help clients of all ages to improve self-esteem, build confidence, social skills, communication skills, develop healthy relationships and personal awareness. These activities help people learn to establish reasonable boundaries, earn respect and improve communications.

Therapy specialize in the treatment of stress, eating disorders, ADHD , anxiety, anger management, behavior disorders, depression, grief and other mental or relationship issues.

Sessions are built according to what each individual is needed. We can do this by using games that accomplish specific therapeutic goals that apply to the rider's specific needs with creativity and fun.   Instructors think of games in terms of different skills such as focusing , stretching, balance, gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination,  attention span, communication and basic riding skills.  It is not the game itself that helps the student, but the student's participation in the game. The instructor creates an atmosphere that stimulates the student's willingness to master the game elements. Win or loose the student is helped by playing and should achieve a sense of success.

Sessions by appointments Only. Please call or e-mail for availability.

Tours and open barn dates are also available by appointment.

Girls and Boys ages 5-8 and Group 2 ages 9-12

Specialized activities with our horses help kids to develop healthy friendships, learn about cooperative teamwork and improve self-esteem, confidence and communication/social skills.

Girl ages 13-18

Specialized activities with our horses focus on girls' issues including body image, eating disorders, anger management, depression, peer pressure, self-esteem, leadership skills and person awareness.

Boys ages 13-18

Specialized activities with our horses focus on boys' issues including anger management, respect, leadership skills, peer pressure, listening skills, self-esteem and personal awareness.

Women's Group

Specialized activities with our horse focus on women's issues including abuse, body image, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, anger management, and relationship skills.


Learn to deal with day to day problems with your children, spouse, fiancé, parents, Work etc. Most mental health issues affect the entire family.  Have fun while working together to make needed changes in your life. Horses teach people to establish reasonable boundaries, earn respect and improve communications.

Riding Lessons can consist of: