Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I would love to bring my child for the therapy but I can’t afford it.
A. Stables of Hope works on a donation base. All our staff is volunteers. Our interest is to help people. Clients or parents can give back by volunteering their time helping at the farm or contributing time on our fund raising projects.

Q. I’ve never ridden a horse before. I’m afraid of them.
A. Our staff will work with you in a program that you feel comfortable with. You may groom the horses or help clean tack etc. being near the horses will build confidence and eventually you can begin to ride. For Smaller children games are played involving the horses which have the same outcome.

Q. What is the age limits?
A. We have had clients as young as 2 ½ years. We will work with the participant’s therapist and family to provide the best program for them. We have steps and a ramp for the elderly and handicapped. The specialty saddle is a big help for all ages.

Q. Are there weight limits?
A. To ride the horses, one shouldn’t be over 200 lbs. This doesn’t have to stop you, we have many programs that involve the horse for the participants that exceed the limit.

Q. How often can I come out?
A. Usually participants come one or two times a week. Each session runs from  40 to 60 minutes.  The instructor will work with the therapist and/or family to decide this. Appointments are set up in advance.

Q. How will this help me?
A. For the physically handicapped the movement of the horse mimics walking. This stimulates the legs and hips of the participant’s body. Emotionally, the horse has a way to pull you out of your shell and make you stronger. Building trust, self image and confidence are a few of the changes that can occur. This done in a fun manner to encourage the client’s participation.

Q. How can I help?
A. Do you know someone who would benefit from these sessions? Please encourage them to come visit us. 
Become an active volunteer, you will learn more about horses and help others at the same time. 
Join Adopt a Horse, you can enjoy the company of a horse while financially helping to keep them healthy for their duties.